NOTE:   Must Be atleast 18 years of age to listen to this show. For Mature Audiences Only!!!

Latoya " Toy " Ward - Host

Relationships, Sex

She tells it " Like it is "... Some say she's the hottest, sexiest female ever. Tens of thousands of women and men give her thanks for enhance their sex life and relationships.

These two are simple great!

Chris Fit

Co - Host - Chris D

Taboo - Forbidden

Bringing things from a male perspective makes " The Bedroom" the hottest late night show on the air

They make the nights so hot

Jasmine Aziz

Actress , Writer, Producer, Model

Wants, Needs, Desires.

"I think its normal for a man and woman to fulfill each others wants, needs and desires. It makes for a healthy relationship."

Man oh man that " Toy "

Iron Mike

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