Lets Chill With Chris D
Wed & Fri, 9 to 11 pm.

Join the party with national radio personality host Chris D on "Lets Chill With Chris D show " With celebrity guest such as Chuck D, The Sugar Hill Ganga, Charles Dutton, Alyson Williams, Kurtis Blow, Genuwine, Wany'e Morris, Bill Bellamy, Andre Rison, Ying Yang Twins and so many more... " The Lets Chill With Chris D where we discuss todays hot topics, growth, laughter, prosperity, relationships and culture. 

Wed & Fri, from 9 - 11 pm.

Some Celebrity Friends
Chris Donaldson with Legend artist Milli
Chris Donaldson with legend group SOS ba
Legend Writer _ Producer David Porter an
Producer Chris Donaldson with legend cel
Filmmaker Chris Donaldson co - host the BET Awards pre party
Chris Donaldson with colleague and indus
On set of CBS All Men Rock Television se
Filmmaker and business partner / friend actor Tommy Ford
Filmmaker Chris Donaldson with friend / colleague R&B Def Jam legend Alyson Williams
Chris D with friend / colleague  Award winning saxoponist J Hines

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